Alyce Fitzgerald


Artist | Designer | Creator 

For as long as I can remember, I have been in love with art and creating anything meaningful and different. After travelling and living overseas, I found myself very connected to who I was and the purpose of my future in artistic endeavours.
From here I completed my studies in Graphic Design to learn the foundation of design, shapes and colours. I walked away with the Outstanding Achievement - Best Portfolio Award. I believe design to be the foundation of great art. Understanding the rules to be able to break them. Provoking the emotion that art requests.

Abstract art has always been my way to express myself, even before painting.
When I was a dancer; I loved contemporary. When I was a child; I was always building storylines in my head. My mind has never restrained itself from creating and exploring.

I am currently based in Brisbane, Australia but it wouldn't be odd to find me elsewhere. When creating my work, I endeavour to use all that I mix. I try my best to live a slow and considered life; read more about this here.
Nature is my muse, which leads to an often earthy colour palette.

I have often even dreamt of my next pieces. 
Hours go into the creation of my paintings. They are considered compositions with texture, depth and most importantly; immense passion.
Please take your time to immerse yourself in my latest artworks here

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