Abstract Art Without Pain

Does it exist?

Is it valuable?

Why do all abstract paintings seem to involve a story of pain and suffering?

Well, I don't believe they do. It is widely thought that artists and their work are always on some big emotional rollercoaster. Just because that one guy cut off his ear doesn't make us all mad, okay... 

Abstract art is emotional and intuitive but that doesn't necessarily mean painful emotions. My work is often created as commissions for clients and their specific needs. However, the work I do "just because" is driven by nature and whatever my intuition is telling me at the time on an energetic level.

Nature is my muse, which leads to an often earthy colour palette and I have often even dreamt of my next pieces as my intuition fuels my passion. Hours go into the creation of my paintings. They are considered compositions with texture, depth and most importantly; immense passion. With passion sometimes comes pain, but I am fortunate enough to have good energy and emotions driving my passions. This comes down to the life I've been lucky enough to live and the experiences I have chased in travelling and learning and healing myself.

You don't need to be suffering to create something passionate, in fact it is a common understanding that art itself is a healing, meditative tool that anyone can appreciate and try themselves. You don't always need to be producing a work of magnificence, sometimes expression is enough and I myself have plenty of pieces I have created without selling. It is all part of the process.

Art is above all else, expression. It is therapy for those in pain and meditation for those as fortunate as I to experience this unwavering joy of life.

I try my best to live a slow and considered life; using eco conscious textiles and limited waste. Read more about this here if you like.

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Warm love,

xx Alyce


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